Listening to Music can help MOTIVATE YOU!

This is one of the reasons behind why music helps motivate you so much.  

One of music's energizing effects comes from its ability to engage the body's sympathetic nervous system. The activation of this system readies the body for action whenever we face a challenge in our environment.

Airways open, the heart rate accelerates, and muscles are primed to move. Auditory signals – abrupt sounds or those that suddenly increase in frequency or volume – trigger alerting responses and increase physiological arousal.
Music is comprised of these and other patterns of sounds that have been shown to affect levels of physical excitability. A simple increase in the pace of the music we listen to, for example, can quicken our pulse and accelerate our breathing. And this can be great for physical exercise or a boring task that might otherwise lull you to sleep.
Music also affects the co-ordination of activity within and across different parts of the brain. Studies examining patterns of electrical activity across the brain suggest that synchronization of brain signals is important for linking perceptual, cognitive and motor processes.

Recent results suggest further that a repetitive beat, such as that in a musical rhythm, synchronizes brainwaves in ways that may be particularly helpful in coupling what you hear with how you move. The co-ordination and execution of repetitive muscle movements may be made more efficient by matching the movements to a musical beat. This may explain why individuals strategically running to a beat run faster and use less oxygen than those who do not pace themselves with music.

Original Source

LISTEN TO THE SONG by PHILONIUS PHUNK titled "Man on A Mission".  Not only is the BEAT very motivational, but the lyrics by the artists featured on the song will pump you up as well, especially the hook!  Listen to the song for yourself at the direct link below.